Visual arts

At various festival locations, work by the visual artist Dré Wapenaar will be shown, and sometimes even used as a festival location.


The artist Dré Wapenaar operates in the border area between architecture, design and sculpture. Sculpture is the basis. To work with statues, presented in a three-dimensional context, means having to do with people that are confronted by them and that move around the work. In the case of a tent, this movement also involves people that move around each other. The work is the result of an examination of the way in which groups and individuals relate to each other. Tents, with the universal language that they express, offer an excellent opportunity of learning more about chemistry between people.

            At present, Wapenaar’s work is moving in the direction of architectural operations, ‘hardcore’ design and urban developmental projects. Even so, they remain statues that have been formed in a studio.

39e Poetry International Festival