Day programme

Wednesday June 11 11

grote zaal

Locatie: Garden Café Floor

16.00 uur
Poetry in The Afternoon
With Arundhati Subramaniam and Mangalesh Dabral from India. Unil 17:00 hrs. Presentation: Tsead Bruinja. Language: English.

20.15 uur
Poetry International
With Maria Barnas (Netherlands), Shoichiro Iwakiri (Japan), Roni Margulies (Turkey) en Mirta Rosenberg (Argentina). Until 21:15 hrs.
Presentation: Jan Baeke.

21.45 uur
Poetry International
With Linda Maria Baros (France), Mangalesh Dabral (India) en Szabolcs Várady (Hungary). Until 22:45 hrs. Presentation: Jan Baeke.

kleine zaal

20.15 uur
Poetry Special -
Poetry translators talk about the complexity and the joy of translating poetry. Three translators will tell about the poetry they translated for the 39th Poetry International Festival. Until 21.15 hrs. Language: Dutch.

21.45 uur
C. Buddingh'-prize for new Dutch-language poetry
From the applications, the jury – consisting of the poets Willem Jan Otten and Paul Bogaert as well as the programmer of Literair Productiehuis de Wintertuin Monique Warnier – will select the prize candidates. The final prize-winner will be revealed at a special festival programme.
Presentation: Victor Schiferli.
Language: Dutch.


Locatie: Entrance of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg

17.00 uur
Flying Festival
Festival De Parade will be at the door of Poetry International Festival with a dirnk, something to eat and a musical performance of Convoi Exceptional.

19.45 uur
Poetry Talks
Interview with and reading by Jana Beranová. Until 20:15 hrs. Presentation: Tsead Bruinja. Language: Dutch.

22.45 uur


20.15 uur
Poetry Cinema
21.30 uur – Zimbabwe – Darrell James Roodt (2008, Zuid-Afrika/Zimbabwe, 82")

39e Poetry International Festival