Poetry Theatre

It is still early, already the rim of the city, almost reedland

Because his head is completely surfaced like a city

Robert Anker

In between the programmes, actors from the Arnhem School of Drama will contribute with special Poetry Theatre, together with Director Peter Sonneveld from Bonheur Theaterbedrijf Rotterdam. ‘The actor is always an I-figure,’ according to Peter Sonneveld. ‘He personifies the content of the poem. Everything that is said is linked to the person who acts it.’

This year, the public will have poems about city and country whispered in their ear: loneliness and despair in the great metropolis, declarations of love from the countryside, the urbanised country and imaginary landscapes. You can expect poems by M. Vasalis, Hans Lodeizen, Rutger Kopland, Tomas Tranströmer, Kees Ouwens, Joseph Brodsky, K. Michel, J.C. Bloem – and many more besides.

  • Every festival day except Wednesday. At 19.45 and 21.15, Foyer
  • Language: Dutch

02. Poezietheater_PoetryInternationalFestival_2007.JPG
 Poëzietheater 2007 | Martin Meijburg

39e Poetry International Festival