Poetry Special – Zimbabwe

A Different Window on Zimbabwe

‘The world only has one view of Zimbabwe: cruelty, violence and corruption. Poetry International Web enables us to open up another view, enabling the world to see our culture, our richness, our poetry,’ according to Irene Staunton, Zimbabwe editor of Poetry International Web.

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 Irene Staunton

The special feature A Different Window on Zimbabwe contains an interview with editor Irene Staunton, and poetry readings by a young poet whose work, according to Irene Staunton, represents ‘a new, powerful voice in the canon of Zimbabwean poetry’.

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  Komrade Fatso

Samm Farai Monro, also known as Comrade Fatso, performs as a slam poet and a musician, accompanied by the guitar player from his band, Chabvondoka. Comrade Fatso describes his poetry as ‘Toyi Toyi poetry, urban street poetry that mixes Shona with English, mbira with hip hop, poetry with the struggle to survive.’

Apart from ‘new’ poetry, the exclusive publication of Poetry International Web also features as yet unpublished work by Charles Mungoshi and Julius Chingono, two important Zimbabwean poets who have appeared at earlier editions of Poetry International Festival.

The low-budget film ‘Zimbabwe’ by the South African film-maker Darrell James Roodt will also be shown – a harrowing and topical drama about illegal labour migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa, seen through the eyes of a nineteen-year-old orphan girl.

  • Tuesday 10 June, 21.45, Kleine Zaal
  • Language: English
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