Poetry online

Poetry International Web, www.poetryinternational.org, provides a full account of the 39th Poetry International Festival. Because of the international nature of the festival and the web, this account will be completely in English.


Sneak preview

In the run-up to the festival, you will receive background information on Poetry International Web about the poets taking part. As the festival approaches, a number of poems by each poet will be presented as a sort of ‘sneak preview’, both in the original language and in an English translation. Some of the poets have already previously taken part in the Poetry International Festival. You can also listen to certain sound recordings of former readings, made in collaboration with Radio Nederland Wereldomroep.


This year, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep will also be making sound recordings of the entire festival. The full recordings can be listened to on Poetry International Web not later than the following day. After the festival is over, all individual audio-poems will be added to the relevant poet page on Poetry International Web.


Poetry Clips

A number of poets will be invited during the festival to give informal poetry readings in front of the camera in the lift of the Rotterdam City Theatre or in one of the tents of the artist Dré Wapenaar. Short conversations may take place with the national Poetry International Web editors present concerning their lives, work and the theme of the festival – ‘City and country’. The Poetry Clips will be added to the website during or shortly after the festival.



Third-year students from the department of ‘Image and Language’ at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, under the guidance of academy instructor Max Kisman, will make short films inspired by Indian poetry dealing with the theme ‘Places’ (Poetry International Web, India, December 2007). In that number, the editor of the Indian domain, Arundhathi Subramaniam, investigated the various ways in which the idea of place is portrayed in poetry. The students study a number of poems by Namdeo Dhasal, Meena Alexander, Amarjit Chandan, Anjum Hasan and … Arundhathi Subramaniam. The visual interpretations will be presented on Poetry International Web shortly before the festival.


International poetry all year round

Apart from presenting the Poetry International Festival, Poetry International Web, in collaboration with editorial staff and organisations in twenty-one countries, also publishes poetry from at home and abroad all year round. Every month, roughly four to five countries contribute to the international online magazine on the website by presenting one or several of their country’s poets and their work, including background information in the form of poet biographies, essays, interviews and audio. The language of the site is English, and all poems are published in the original as well as in an English translation. In determining the selection of the poets, their work and the translations, quality is given top priority.


Poetry International Web partly owes its existence to co-funding from the Nederlands Literair Productie- en Vertalingenfonds (NLPVF) and the Hivos-NCDO Cultuurfonds.


 Marjolijn Abel

39e Poetry International Festival