Poetry in The Afternoon

On the weekdays of the festival there are freely accessible afternoon programmes in the garden of Café Floor. Festival poets will be given the floor and will read from their own work.

Monday, June 9, French Poetry
Erik Lindner converses with Linda Maria Baros (France), Philippe Beck (France), William Cliff (Belgium) and Jean-Michel Espitallier (France).

Tuesday, June 10, Spanish Poetry
Conversation with Juan Manuel Roca (Colombia) and Mirta Rosenberg (Argentina).

Wednesday, June 11, India
Arundhathi Subramaniam (Editor Poetry International Web) converses with Mangalesh Dabral (India).

Thursday, June 12, Japan
Yashiro Yotsumoto (Editor Poetry International Web) converses with Shoichiro Iwakiri (Japan).

Friday, June 13, Results presentation translationworkshop
With Piet Meeuse (writer and translator) and Luk van Haute (scholar of Japanese studies and translator).

  • Monday – Friday, 16.00, Foyer

 Zuid-Holland | Marjolijn Abel

39e Poetry International Festival