Peter Lier, van

Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Year of birth: 1960

Peter Lier, van

is a philosopher and poet. He made his debut in 1994 with Miniem gebaar (Slight Gesture), which was followed by the prose exercise Links, rechts - twee wandelingen (Left, Right - Two Walks) and three collections of poetry, the most recent of which is Zes wenken voor muggen aan de deur (Six Hints for Mosquitoes at the Door), which appeared in 2007. In his work, van Lier shows himself to be a poet who is highly conscious of his surroundings. His poems are often located outside the city. This rural domain is then observed with exceptional empathy, during which the I-figure almost disappears behind the observations.

Sunday 8 June, 21.45 hrs, Kleine Zaal
Dinsdag 10 juni, 21.45 uur, Grote Zaal

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