Mangalesh Dabral

Language: Hindi
Year of birth: 1948

Mangalesh Dabral

was born in a village in Tehri Garhwal district in the Himalayan region. He has spent all his adult as literary editor in various newspapers published from Delhi and  other north Indian cities and has always carried most resolutely the mountain air and a certain ‘urban villager’ persona with him. It is a part of his survival kit as well as a way to relate to the past and the tradition. He is among those writers of his generation who had rebelled against the revivalist and sectarian framework in which Hindi literary tradition is often packaged by the establishment institutions and academia. Dabrals’s published work include five collections of poems, Pahar Par Laltein (Lantern on Mountain, 1981), Ghar Ka Rasta (The Way Home, 1981), Hum Jo Dekhate Hain (That Which We See,1995), Aawaaz Bhi Ek Jagah Hai (Voice Too is a Place, 2000), Mujhe Dikha Ek Manushya (I saw a Human Being, 2008), and three collection of prose, Ek Baar Iowa (Once upon Iowa, travel diary, 1996), Lekhak Ki Roti (Writer’s Bread, cultural essays, 1998), and Kavi Ka Akelapan (Poet’s Solitude, 2008).
He translated works of Bertolt Brecht, Hans Magnus Enzensburger, Pablo Neruda, Ernesto Cardenal, Nicanor Parra, Yannis Ritsos, Tadeusz Rozewicz, Zbigniew Herbert, and Dora Gabe, Stanca Pencheva.
Dabral's poems have been widely translated and published in all major Indian languages and in English, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Polish and Bulgarian.

Wednesday 11 June, 21.45 hrs, Grote Zaal
Friday 13 June, 20.15 hrs, Kleine Zaal

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