H.H. Balkt, ter

Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Year of birth: 1938

H.H. Balkt, ter

is one of the most honoured poets in the Netherlands. Among the prizes he has been awarded are the Jan Campertprijs, the Constantijn Huygensprijs and the P.C. Hooftprijs. Ever since his first collections, Boerengedichten (Farmer Poems, 1969) and Uier van ’t Oosten (Udder from the East, 1970), published under the pseudonym Habakuk II de Balker, he has presented himself as a poet that writes in praise of country life. In the course of his authorship, he has developed into a persistent, down-to-earth and committed lyrical poet. In 2000, the anthology In de waterwingebieden: gedichten 1953-1999 (In the Water-Collection areas: poems 1953-1999) was published. His most recent collection, Vuur (Fire) appeared this year.

Monday 9 June, 20.15 hrs, Kleine Zaal
Thursday 12 June, 21.45 hrs, Grote Zaal

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