Opening programme - Poetrypolis

Opening by mayor Ivo Opstelten en world premiere of the Solo-Recital-Pavilion by visual artist Dré Wapenaar on the Schouwburgplein (square in front of the theatre). Followed by Poetrypolis in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

During the opening programme there is a parade of the poets who can be seen and heard during the week of the festival. On Saturday evening, 7 June, poets will read a poem about how they experience the city, thereby creating a ‘poetrypolis’ – a city of poetry. Poets will be asked to read a poem that has been inspired by city life. For example, by a certain street... a park...a ice-cream parlour...a slum...a harbour area...or a square that nobody visits.

Bas Kwakman, director of Poetry International, is making a street plan of this city of poetry especially for this programme – a graphic reproduction of the locations where the poets found their inspiration. This unique map, where all the poets are each other’s neighbours, will be on show throughout the week in the Main Hall of Rotterdam City Theatre.

Those participating include Linda Maria Baros (France), William Cliff (België), Jean-Michel Espitallier (Frankrijk), Andrea Gibellini (Italië), Robert Gray (Australië), Shoichiro Iwakiri (Japan), Peter van Lier (Nederland), Roni Margulies (Turkey), Risto Oikarinen (Finland) in the first half of the programme and Remco Campert (Netherlands), Mangalesh Dabral (India), Jean-Michel Espitallier (Frankrijk), James Fenton (Great-Brittain), Gerdur Kristný (Iceland), Mirta Rosenberg (Argentina), Juan Manuel Roca (Colombia), Mirjam Van hee (Belgium), Henk van der Waal (Netherlands) after the break.


Presentation: Rob Schouten

  • Saturday 7 June, 20:15 hrs.
  • Language: Dutch. Projection of poetry in Dutch and English translations.

 Duala, Kameroen | Kamiel Verschuren

39e Poetry International Festival