Debate – Projekt Nederland

In 2007 Projekt Nederland appeared – the pamphlet by Willem van Toorn about the structuring of the Dutch landscape. Van Toorn was able to establish that the government has handed down this structuring to lower authorities that make choices on the basis of their own interests and are not involved in drawing up a central vision. Project developers have been given carte blanche. ‘When will a proper debate actually be conducted about space in the Netherlands?’ is asked on the back flap of Projekt Nederland. During Poetry International Festival this debate will take place, one that from the perspectives of various disciplines will examine the possible future of the landscape. For the societal importance of this has, when all’s said and done, to do with cultural history. Partly thanks to the artists, writers and poets who over the centuries have captured the various forms the landscape, it also shapes who we are. As Van Toorn writes: ‘The landscape, including the cityscape, is a magnificent but also merciless mirror of the spirit of the age and of human action.’

The debate on the future and past of the Dutch landscape, the landscape as decor and metaphor, will be framed by poetry readings by Willem van Toorn and Maria Barnas.

With: Jan-Hendrik Bakker, Maria Barnas, Adriaan Geuze and Willem van Toorn.

Presentation: Tracy Metz

  • Sunday 8 June, 20.15, Little Hall
  • Language: Dutch

 Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland| Marjolijn Abel


39e Poetry International Festival